Mission and Goals

WAPR Worldwide

WAPR is an international NGO, composed mainly by interdisciplinary mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational-therapists, social educators, etc.) from all regions in the World. (www.wapr.org)

Mission and Goals

The World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation was incorporated in Vienne, France in 1986. for the purpose and affirmative mission of the organisation shall be to promote the personal, social and vocational rehabilitation of persons affected by serious psychiatric disorders throughout the world..
Specifically, it shall, in relation to such persons: 
A. Promote  the adoption of policies and legislation by national governments and intergovernmental agencies  designed to strengthen rehabilitation services, opportunities, and financial resources, to meet both the basic and special needs of the above population.
B. Serve as a medium for exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences, among individuals and organisations sharing a concern for persons with psychiatric disabilities and their consequent limitation of function, and for the compilation and dissemination of information relating to rehabilitation methods and techniques.
C. Sponsor or co- sponsor or assist the planning of international, national or regional congresses, symposia, training seminars and research projects directed towards advancing the state of the art in psychosocial rehabilitation
D. Collaborate with existing organisations, public, private and voluntary including among others, universities, professional groups, service providers, labour and business organisations, parent and self-help organisations, research and training institutes concerned with psycho social rehabilitation and where necessary and practicable, to assist in the formation of groups or affiliates dedicated to the mission of the Association.
E. Provide, to the extent possible, technical assistance to public or private authorities or agencies, concerned with the enhancement of psycho social rehabilitation.
F.  Initiate and encourage educational programs dealing with rehabilitative needs and rights of people with psychosocial disabilities, as a means to ensure maximum public, professional and governmental understanding of these needs and rights, and to overcome stigma and discrimination.  
G. Promote the further development of mutual and self-help groups, and foster dialogues between them and appropriate professionals and policy makers.
H. Identify and promote appropriate and humane living, working and social environments.
I.  Promote constructive dialogue between and amongst professionals, policy makers, researchers, direct service workers from various disciplines and the families and individuals directly affected by major mental illness.
J.  Accomplish as much as possible of the above by fostering the development of national associations linked to WAPR.


Currently, the WAPR has a 48-member International Board of Directors, which includes six past Presidents and a Regional Vice-President with one or more deputies for each of the six regions of the world, following the regional structure of the WHO. Moreover, the Board includes representatives of consumers, families and voluntary organisations, as well as permanent representatives located in Geneva and New York, to link with WHO and UN agencies. More than 40 national secretaries represent the same number of national chapters across the world. Membership of the WAPR is open not only to mental health professionals but also to researchers of various disciplines, administrators, policy makers, consumers and their relatives, and advocacy associations. This is because the primary aim of the WAPR is to provide to all stakeholders a forum for the ongoing discussion of the relevant issues concerning the long-term care of people with mental disorders.

WAPR Registered Headquarters

C/ Praguay 8,Coslada 28822 Madrid (Spain)

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Contact Address:  Dr. V.K. Radhakrishnan

Secretary General

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Mob: +91 9447137860

Recent Publication

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